A feel for soil, climate and plants -

and the experience of working with Mother Nature for more than 600 years.


Since 2012, Gunther Hiestand has been responsible for his family’s vineyards and wine cellars. After many years in the role as president of German Young Farmers’ Organization he took a break in 2011 to visit the wine regions of the southern hemisphere. Back home he took over the winery and... did not change a lot.

The wine regions of the northern hemisphere are unique for aromatic and tasty white wines – which are what we focus on.

Working in a wine cellar built in the 18th century, applying the knowledge and expertise of many generations, the focus rests on trusting natural processes and influencing the development of wines as little as possible.

A German Riesling is a German Riesling – this type of wine is unique and not to be found in any other region of the world.

On the other hand, it is important to create new ideas and establish new wines, enticing and corresponding to the ever-growing demand of sophisticated wine enthusiasts.



Dann bitte ...